Will There Be a Foreclosure Boom?

If we’ve learned anything it’s that uncertainty may be the new normal for real estate investors. Are homes prices rising or dropping? Can we expect interest rates to keep increasing? Is the real estate market in headed for trouble or is there new opportunity? Join Joe Massey and Eric Romero as they analyze Real Estate data and trends to address these questions and provide clarity to investors. The webinar will utilize a combination of regional and national data and projections to offer insights into the upcoming year’s market, providing clarity to investors who may be grappling with the uncertainty of the market.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Will Prices Drop?
  • Are we in a Recession?
  • How are Increasing Rates Impacting the Market?
  • How Does Inflation Impact Home Prices?
  • What’s Next for the Commercial Real Estate Market?

Join Joe and Eric as they walk you through the numbers and help you make more informed decisions in 2024.

Speakers: Joe Massey – Castle & Cooke Mortgage and Eric Romero – Your Castle Real Estate