Shauna Green

Boulder, CO native, Shauna Green was raised by her grandfather, a property investor who had over 30 properties. Working alongside him from a young age, she “walked the walk” doing roofing, irrigation, plumbing, hauling junk…you get the picture. She fully understands the realities of property ownership, and has witnessed the damage and financial strain an unhappy tenant can cause. These experiences have given her unique insights for her current career as an insurance broker.  
In addition to having an understanding of investing, Shauna knows insurance as she comes from three generations of insurance agents. Today, she is an investor-friendly insurance broker who designs personalized plans for  auto, home, commercial, and life insurance in addition to retirement plans for individuals or businesses. Her specialty is creating a unique blend of asset protection and wealth building strategies to help protect and achieve her clients’ dreams.

Speaking Topic

Infinite Banking: Unlocking Financial Freedom

Have you ever wished there was a financial product that would allow: 

  • safety of principal
  • market-like returns
  • tax-free growth
  • tax-free access forever
  • tax-free wealth transfer
  • control (NO limit to how much money you put in and NO age requirement to take it out)
  • leverage
  • liquidity
  • no required repayment
  • legal protection
Great news, there is. 
If you’ve seen folks talking on social media, podcasts, or Forbes Magazine about Infinite Banking, you’re probably wondering, “is it too good to be true?” Shauna is here to show you that it is not.
Infinite Banking, also known as the “Bank On Yourself” or “Be Your Own Bank” method, is a revolutionary approach to personal finance that turns your life insurance policy into a self-funded banking system, a technique the wealthy have been using for years. This class will give you the knowledge and tools necessary to decide whether infinite banking could work for you.