Scott McGrath

Scott McGrath is a Master Financial Planner who has been helping clients with financial planning for over 20 years. He’s held multiple securities licenses, one being a series 7, and has obtained many financial advisory certificates over the years. He worked for American Express Financial Advisors, which is now called Ameriprise. He also worked for MassMutual. Later, he started a tax strategy company called Nexxess International, which helps clients structure their businesses and estates using the most advantageous practices known to financial and tax planning advisors.

Speaking Topic

Corporate Financial Structuring: Own Nothing, Control Everything

Scott McGrath of NEXESS International will be talking about:

  • Learning how to control assets before the grave, after the grave, and beyond the grave.
  • Learning what taxable events are and how your business could possibly avoid them.
  • Learning how the super-wealthy limit their legal and tax liability and are able to exponentially grow their business and personal wealth with absolute privacy of their assets.