Marco Kozlowski

Marco Kozlowski, Creative Real Estate Mentor, Author, boutique Real Estate Investing Educator and recipient of “The Universe’s Greatest Dad” award 25 years in a row from his 4 kids, as well as co-founder of 3 private equity funds within the Capra Capital Group. 

For more than 22 years he’s “failed miserably” from a struggling pianist, to buying real estate with first single family homes in the late 90’s to growing his palate to owning and partnering in over 4,000 units across various asset classes such as mobile home/RV parks, hotels, assisted living facilities and more… He even recently purchased and turned around a struggling themed bar in Orlando, Fl, where he lives. (Hey! Why not give that a try?) 

Although technically retired from his own holdings, his “ikigai” (reason for being) is to serve others who are committed to growth, to achieve a level of financial awareness and freedom beyond expectations, by mentoring his proven simple processes to buy cash flowing assets using skills. Not money. Such as asset backed lending, creative financing and other super secret ninja creative tools he’s developed over 2 decades. 

Marco is a big believer in supporting others and contributing to his community. He enjoys giving to give, donating 10% of proceeds from each of his projects to various causes and delivering actionable content on his #1 rated podcast with over 1,500 5-star reviews, “Big Fat Real Estate Checks.” 

Oh.. He also really loves Weiner dogs.

Speaking Topic

Profiting From Overpriced Properties: How Bad Times Make Wealthy People & The 3 Simple Steps The Elite Don’t Want Me To Share

Struggling finding deals? Cap rates too low? Interest rates too high?

No. It’s THE opportunity of a lifetime. Your lifetime. 

Millionaires are forged in tough times, times like NOW. Want an edge? How about a sniper tactical strategy to acquire more than you need, and access to capital that is built for this market. 

Bring your notepad and prepare to laugh, learn, cry (hopefully not too much)… you get the point. This will be the most fun you’ve had all week… and just might be the shift you need to capitalize on this once in a generation opportunity.

Crushing It In This Commercial Crash: 2 Simple Strategies To Find Golden Opportunities 99.6% Of Investors Are Missing

While everyone else is struggling to find deals and access capital, Marco and his tribe are licking their chops. His unique system for finding and negotiating massive discounts from motivated sellers combined with a few key ways to buy quickly make his students uniquely positioned in this market to be able to serve sellers with a quick exit… while creating life changing cash flow and wealth for their families. Come for the entertainment, stay for the gamechanging tactics.