Jim Edenfield

Jim Edenfield is an accomplished individual in real estate investing, specializing in investment strategies as an investor, coach, and mentor at Invest Success. With an exceptional track record and extensive experience, Jim has established himself as a trusted authority in helping individuals achieve their financial goals through strategic real estate ventures.

As the co-owner of John Fisher’s Breakfast Club, Jim actively contributes to creating a thriving community of like-minded professionals in the industry. Through this esteemed networking organization, he fosters collaboration, facilitates meaningful connections, and shares invaluable insights with fellow real estate enthusiasts.

Furthermore, Jim is the proud owner of Realty Investors Group (RIG), a renowned networking group focusing on real estate investment opportunities and education. Jim guides group members looking to capitalize on lucrative prospects. His ability to identify promising investments and his sharp financial acumen consistently generate exceptional returns for his clients.

In addition to his role as an investor and mentor, Jim also serves as a private money lender and hard money broker. By offering access to capital and funding solutions, he empowers aspiring investors to seize opportunities and maximize their potential in the real estate market.

Jim Edenfield’s remarkable expertise, unwavering dedication, and extensive network make him a standout figure in the real estate industry. Whether he is guiding clients, mentoring individuals, or providing financial solutions, Jim’s passion for real estate and commitment to success continue to inspire and empower others to thrive in their investment endeavors