Jeffrey White

Jeff is a Denver native and real estate investor who graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in Finance. His own house hacking journey started in 2017 with a purchase of a 4 unit property, and he’s been repeating the process ever since with single-family homes that are split like duplexes and some small multifamily properties. He’s currently on his 7th house hack and gearing up for the 8th one in the fall of 2024! For Jeff, house hacking is hands down the easiest way to financial independence without quitting your job or starting a business. In fact, he just left his W2 job in Q3 2023 to go full-time real estate investor and realtor, all by the power of house hacking each year!

Except for living in a van, he’s done every type of house hacking strategies: multifamily, rent by the room, renting out whole units to market tenants, Section 8, and Airbnb.

Outside of real estate, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife, traveling the world, working out, playing softball, painting landscapes, and learning new things each day to become a better professional and person. 

Speaking Topic

House Hacking to Financial Freedom

Topics Covered:

  • Jeff and Suleyka’s story from going from W-2 employees to financial independence in 6 years
  • Understanding how house hacking will help you build wealth toward early retirement one house at a time
  • Choosing a house hacking strategy that fits your current situation and lifestyle 
  • Finding your ideal house hack property, even in competitive or expensive markets
  • Utilizing creative strategies to reduce or eliminate your housing costs even in high interest rate environments
  • Setting the foundation to scale your real estate business from one house hack to a solid portfolio of cash flowing rentals