Dave Seymour

Dave Seymour, a retired 16-year veteran of the Fire Service, launched his Real Estate career during the last market crash, rapidly becoming one of the country’s top investors. Dave is a leading expert in commercial multi-family and Ground Up BFR Development transactions. His success in business and Real Estate put him on the radar of the A&E television network as well as multiple news organizations like CBS, ABC, CNBC, and FOX News. “Flipping Boston” aired on A&E for multiple seasons. Dave is a no-nonsense investor with zero tolerance for inefficiency and speculation. He has helped accredited investors on their very first deal and guided some of the largest investment firms in the nation through complex transactions. Dave’s blue-collar attitude in a white-collar world is why investors seek his advice and want to invest alongside his team at Freedom Venture Investments. Dave has disrupted the Private Equity landscape allowing investors access to institutional quality CRE assets that have typically only been for the elite. 

Speaking Topic

Creating Passive Income & Capital Growth with Commercial Real Estate Partners

  • How to identify the market cycle at any time and what strategy to deploy
  • How to find and analyze a great deal
  • How to structure high-yield projects from the very beginning
  • How to present the perfect investor deck for NHWI Family Offices and smaller Institutional Groups
  • Spend time 1 on 1 with Dave to assist in any questions.