Chantal Duame

Chantal Duame is the co-founder of Good Neighbor Realty, a boutique brokerage that specializes in short-term rental investment properties. She is an active investor herself and owns two luxury mountain STRs along with five STR listings in the Denver Metro area. Those who know her best would say she doesn’t have any hobbies outside of real estate but her ideal day is spent with the people she loves, doing something fun in the mountains or exploring new places in Denver. Chantal got into real estate investing to eliminate the need for her 9-5 medical sales job but has found a love for her career in real estate and empowering others to chase their investment dreams.

Speaking Topic
Elevate Your Real Estate Portfolio with Short-Term Rental Investments

Join brokerage owner and successful investor Chantal Duame for this presentation covering everything you’ll need to know to find a cash-flowing short-term rental property in Colorado this year! Key topics covered include market analysis, income projection, metro and mountain case studies, financing strategies, property selection, and regulatory considerations. Whether you’re a seasoned STR investor or a first-time buyer, Chantal will provide valuable insights and practical strategies to make informed decisions in today’s ever-changing short-term rental landscape.