Cade Hanson

Even though Cade is the youngest presenter, we can confirm Cade is old enough to drive to the conference by himself.
Cade has spent years ‘researching’ (that’s what he calls spending hours a week scrolling TikTok) viral short-form content from brands and influencers across the world. While running a rapidly expanding short-form content agency for high-ticket businesses (and a software company on the side), Cade travels the country teaching business owners how to make content themselves with just their phone – we don’t think he’s realized that being at this conference to teach you how to make content yourself saves you from spending thousands to hire him.
Cade started his career young at 17 with a successful, national production company shooting everything from car commercials to corporate livestreams during covid (remember those days?!) to viral social media campaigns for major brands. After working in LA and across the country for the past five years, Cade lives in Colorado, helping Denver business owners go viral online.
In this workshop, you are going to MAKE and post content shot on just your phone during this presentation.

Speaking Topic

Get Your First Million Views With Just Your Phone (In Just an Hour Per Week): Hands-On Workshop

What if 10 minutes a day could put you in front of MILLIONS of people?
Learning how to make TikToks only using your phone could revolutionize your business and become your highest leverage activity as a business owner/investor.
In this engaging, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to:
– Secretly HACK every social media platform’s algorithm to
– Get people to actually WATCH your content (apart from just your mom) by providing value and
– Act NATURAL and confident on camera
– Using SIMPLE apps available for free on your phone, and most importantly:
– Actually make content with a 45 minutes HANDS-ON WORKSHOP using volunteers from the crowd
(yes, volunteers will actually receive free expert coaching and make/post content during this workshop)
If you’re thinking about making 2024 your biggest year ever, you NEED to be making content – and you don’t have to pay an agency tons of money to make it for you.