Brooks O’Hearn

Brooks O’Hearn brings to the stage 11 years of experience managing acquisitions and dispositions along with thousands of real estate investing students coached across the country. After studying his family’s business history of offers that were accepted and rejected, there was one key part missing when offers were rejected. Brooks has spent the last 5 years perfecting a system that gets more offers accepted, even when he is outbid. Steal his system backed by multiple professional designations in Sales, Negotiation, and Communication that will directly add more deals and bigger profits to your business. Brooks’ favorite part of this business is the feeling when another investor implements what they’ve learned and realizes additional success. Outside of business, you’ll most often find Brooks at a baseball game, on the golf course, or traveling for fun.

Speaking Topic

Sales & Negotiation: Getting More Offers Accepted

Brooks presents Sales & Negotiation. The easiest word to describe real estate investing for the last 10 years has been “competitive.” As a real estate professional you have two choices; chase the other bidders and attempt to pay more than anyone else or learn to leverage the rest of the contract to get more offers accepted. After all, real estate contracts are sometimes over 12 pages, if price was the most important factor, the contract would only be one line. The most impactful skill you can learn is sales & negotiation. There is no lead system that can deliver profitability and results to your business like the ability to get more offers accepted. In this session Brooks will break down tactical ways to get more offers accepted, even when you’re outbid by tens of thousands of dollars.