Bill Neville

Bill Neville joined The Entrust Group over twelve years ago through his initial role as Manager of Operations for the company’s franchise program. When the program was discontinued, Bill stepped up to the task of managing the Compliance and Internal Audit departments. With a keen eye for detail and gaining valuable insights into the IRA industry, Bill kept Entrust’s educational programs and internal processes in line with industry regulations. Bill takes pride in the company’s growth and success and is currently the Business Development Manager for Entrust’s San Francisco Bay Area office.

Speaking Topic

Discover how to invest in real estate with your retirement funds through a self-directed IRA (SDIRA)

Join Bill Neville from The Entrust Group as he answers the top 10 FAQs about SDIRA real estate investing.  In this presentation, you’ll learn the benefits of these retirement accounts, what you can and cannot invest in, essential property management rules, and much more.