Landlords: From Public Enemy to Average Service Professional — Changing Society’s Perception of Landlords

Seamus Nally presents on Changing Society’s Perception of Landlords.

In 2023, many people see landlords as a common enemy, negatively impacting housing inventory, profiting off of society’s most vulnerable groups, and spiking the price of rentals nationwide. What most people don’t realize is that saving to invest in real estate is a way that working-class individuals have worked tirelessly to create a more sustainable future for themselves and their families, while providing a safe and stable home for their renters.

The public perception of landlords needs obvious work, but where do we start? Undoing decades of news coverage, depictions in pop culture, and generational distrust is a challenge – but it’s not impossible. Seamus Nally reframes public perception of landlords by focusing on the impact that a healthy landlord-tenant relationship and education has on our communities – highlighting why operating as an independent landlord is a positive example of the American Dream, not a greedy get-rich scheme.