From Ideas to Achievement: Hands-on Session to Create a Simple Business Plan

Ever wonder why some investors and entrepreneurs seem like fortune tellers?  They make it look easy, but it’s a result of planning and purposeful actions.  Surveys reveal that only 3% of individuals write down their goals, and this elite group includes successful investors.  They also delve into their motivations, create clear visions, and craft action plans that are based on their specific, challenging goals.

In times of market uncertainty, a well-crafted plan becomes your compass, dispelling fear and isolation.  Often, people shy away from planning because it seems too time-consuming and overwhelming.  Yet, it doesn’t need to be.  What’s essential is a foundational, adaptable guide – a compass you can fine-tune as you forge ahead.

In this hands-on session led by Katy Fleming, you’ll create a practical action plan. You’ll leave the session with your completed draft plan that includes: 

  • your vision; 
  • specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) goals; and 
  • actionable steps. 

Enhance and adjust your plan as you draw inspiration from your networking interactions and informational sessions throughout the Summit.  Revisit your vision, refine your goals, and identify strategies and actions so you leave with newfound clarity and empowerment for your journey ahead.